Gulf Shores Vacation Day Two

Well, we’re here and we’re settled and ready for the first full day of vacation.  The condo is great.  We have an awesome balcony that wraps around two sides and and a beautiful view of the ocean.  We’re planning on being on the beach this morning.  (That means shell hunting for me!!! Yippeee!)  Later this afternoon we’ll either have lunch at Tacky Jacks or head into town.

Yesterday after arriving we settled in, went down to the beach and then relaxed in the pool for a bit before fixing dinner.  (Chipotle chicken with tiny russet cremer potatoes.) 

It’s very relaxing so far and a nice little break. 

So far it’s starting to look like we’ll have to leave sometime Thursday.  That means we’ll still have a few days of vacation left!  Either Memphis, Tunica, or St. Louis (we’ll be in St. Louis anyway on Sunday going to the Rams game, so we might go up early and finish our vacation in one of our favorite cities!)

Ok… I hope everyone is well… And if anyone from 13714 is reading this… leave me a comment.




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