MSN Headline “Adam Lambert Comes Out in Rolling Stone”

Really?  If you click on the link, the Rolling Stone article says Adam “finally just admits he’s gay.”

Was it a secret?  And “comes out” implies he was “in the closet”.  The people who knew Adam before will tell you, he was living his life out loud and in the open. 

“Finally just admits he’s gay”

Does it really matter?  Why does he have to finally just admit?  Is it really a big deal?  Still? 

It does remind me of a conversation I had with a bank teller in Cape Girardeau, MO, who asked if I’d “heard the rumor that Adam’s gay?”  (As if Southeast Missouri was the only place in the world that knew of this coveted secret.)

It’s not a secret, it shouldn’t be, and for those who feel he’s finally just admitting it, maybe you’re finally just admitting it to yourself.

Good luck to Adam Lambert.


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