MTV picked up my new show “Snookie’s Snack House”!! Jersey Shore Vampires

18 Sep

MTV made the smart move and picked up my new show “Snooki’s Snack House” based on Jersey Shore Vampires. 

(Anna Paquin is not confirmed for the show, but is in talks to make an appearance.  Sookie Stackhouse visits Snooki’s Snack House.)

In the show, the uberly present Snooki runs a Snack Shop on the Jersey Shore, speacilizing in warm 98 degrees bloody cocktails.  Expect hiliarity and suspence to ensue as some of your favorites from the leading MTV reality show make appearances.  (As an added bonus, rumor has it The Situation howls at the moon.)

The show is expected to launch in time for Spring 2011.

The Situation, Mike Sorrentino

Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Pacquin

Snooki, Snooki

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