Thank You, Whitney Houston

All my friends who know me, who spend any time with me, know my appreciation of Whitney Houston’s music. Many of you can’t separate her music from your memories of me. I like that. I know I’ll never be able to think of my teen years and college years without her soundtrack playing in my mind.

Her music and movies will live on, her impact far reaching. Technology will always have her one click, one google search, one YouTube video away. Her legacy, her best moments will always be there. Unfortunately, she will not. She was called else where.

Beyond the awards, the triumphs, the demons, the headlines, she was a person: a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. To those who knew her personally, those that held her hand, I can pray comfort. She was more than most of us will ever know. She protected, she confronted, she searched, and she prayed. She was a woman, she was a person.

I will never know the personal impact she had on young girls and their self esteem. I can read stories of how she made beauty more than blonde and blue, but not deeply feel it. I am humbled by the lives she influenced, asking for nothing in return.

No, to some of her deepest impacts I cannot relate.

But to one I can…

To me, Whitney, you were an inspiration. Your tenacity, your melodic determination were constant examples. Your ability to master a lyric, to deliver an emotion were unparalleled. You moved me, Whitney Houston. To this, I can relate.

Thank you, Whitney.

God Bless.

Rest In Peace, Ms. Houston.

February 2012


RYANDAN my newest favorite Canadians… new video

Tight-knit sibling harmonies have captivated pop music fans at least since the days of the Andrews Sisters and the Everly Brothers. But no sibling singing team in memory has brought more excitement to the scene than RyanDan—the performing handle for 27-year-old identical twin vocalists Ryan and Dan Kowarsky.

(Taken from Ryandan’s website.  Click here to be directed to their website.)

Great new song, “Is Love Enough”

Also, check out their video for “Like the Sun”.  With incredible vocals and songs with a meaning, these twins are hitting all the right notes.  Additional information and video for “Like the Sun” here.

“Is Love Enough (to Save the World)” ……

Whitney Houston “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” track leaks on internet

Update: Whitney’s people seem to have gotten to the links.  This link, the YouTube link and even Mr. Hilton’s link are all disabled.


The newest Whitney Houston track, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” by legendary song writer Dianne Warren was leaked to the internet on Thursday, July 2.
The track is from her September 1, 2009 CD, “I Look to You.”
Without doubt, this is the Whitney most remember and love. Some will argue her voice isn’t the same, or that she isn’t quite where she once was, etc. Regardless, she’s still the best out there. And her voice has changed just a bit: more mature, more real, more ’emotional’, if you will.
Congratulations to her, and to her team, she’s well on her way to making music history, again.
Listen her new song for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.
Whitney Houston, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

MSN Headline “Adam Lambert Comes Out in Rolling Stone”

Really?  If you click on the link, the Rolling Stone article says Adam “finally just admits he’s gay.”

Was it a secret?  And “comes out” implies he was “in the closet”.  The people who knew Adam before will tell you, he was living his life out loud and in the open. 

“Finally just admits he’s gay”

Does it really matter?  Why does he have to finally just admit?  Is it really a big deal?  Still? 

It does remind me of a conversation I had with a bank teller in Cape Girardeau, MO, who asked if I’d “heard the rumor that Adam’s gay?”  (As if Southeast Missouri was the only place in the world that knew of this coveted secret.)

It’s not a secret, it shouldn’t be, and for those who feel he’s finally just admitting it, maybe you’re finally just admitting it to yourself.

Good luck to Adam Lambert.

Whitney Houston steals the stage at Clive Davis PreGrammy Party

USA Today is reporting that Whitney Houston stole the stage Saturday night, Febuary 7, 2009, at the annual pre-Grammy party and concert hosted by industry legend Clive Davis.

According to sources at the party, Whitney Houston was in top form and is ready for the what might be the most anticipated and biggest comeback of this millenium.

Those in attendance said her voice was strong, her presence undeniable, and her charm on the mark!

Welcome back.

Whitney Houston Celebrity Big Brother

Seems Big Brother, the popular CBS reality show, is gearing up for another Celebrity Big Brother in 2009.  And this time, producers are not settling for even your average B list celebrity.  Not even your everyday D-Lister is going to be seen.  (Let me needlessly interject here, that is NOT a reference to Kathy Griffin who is no longer a D-list celebrity at all.  Ms. Griffin, who in my book and many others, is as popular as her A-List counterparts, has moved well beyond the boundaries of D-List fame.)

All this being said one rumored list A-List hopefulls includes Kathy Griffin as well as some of her most frequent targets:  Whitney Houston and Martha Stewart.  What an incredible show this will be if the network lands all three!  Kathy Griffin, Whitney Houston, and Martha Stewart!  Can you imagine the alliance?  The late night, low-light camera angles, hushed conversations?  Tales of life in the slammer, drugs, and plastic surgery.  This show would be beyond a ratings hit.

I hope the producers are eyeing a Scientologist.  There’s the proverbial cherry on this sundae of pop culture and life lessons in progress!  While my excitement falls short on height challenged Cruise, I could totally see the rebound of Katie Holmes. 

I imagine Houston’s Darth Vader, to Stewart’s Darth Sidious, and Griffin’s loveable Yoda, all brining Holmes over to our side… the human beings’ side, wrestling her from the grips of Scientology.

(All of this was to mention Whitney Houston is being wooed by Big Brother brass to appear in the 2009 Big Brother Celebrity.)