RYANDAN my newest favorite Canadians… new video

Tight-knit sibling harmonies have captivated pop music fans at least since the days of the Andrews Sisters and the Everly Brothers. But no sibling singing team in memory has brought more excitement to the scene than RyanDan—the performing handle for 27-year-old identical twin vocalists Ryan and Dan Kowarsky.

(Taken from Ryandan’s website.  Click here to be directed to their website.)

Great new song, “Is Love Enough”

Also, check out their video for “Like the Sun”.  With incredible vocals and songs with a meaning, these twins are hitting all the right notes.  Additional information and video for “Like the Sun” here.

“Is Love Enough (to Save the World)” ……


Wintery Weather Hits Sikeston, MO

Video shows the wintery weather of early 2009 as it hit SEMO (Southeast Missouri) as well as other parts of the country.  My video was featured on CNN as an iReport.  After showing my video, CNN’s website practically went down due to the increased traffic and web hits.  CNN interviewed me the next day, brining the best news to the masses.