Whitney Houston steals the stage at Clive Davis PreGrammy Party

USA Today is reporting that Whitney Houston stole the stage Saturday night, Febuary 7, 2009, at the annual pre-Grammy party and concert hosted by industry legend Clive Davis.

According to sources at the party, Whitney Houston was in top form and is ready for the what might be the most anticipated and biggest comeback of this millenium.

Those in attendance said her voice was strong, her presence undeniable, and her charm on the mark!

Welcome back.


Whitney Houston and Leona Lewis Duet… New Whitney 2008

Well I didn’t post anything about Whitney Houston on the renovated site because I felt it drew “false traffic”.  But after thinking about it, it’s not false at all… it’s my fan base.  ergh.. My reader base.

Well you can rest easy knowing the careers of legendary icon Whitney Houston and today’s Pop Diva Leona Lewis are in great hands… the hands of Clive Davis.  And he’s decided the two will duet on Whitney’s November 2008 release.  While Lewis has drawn considerable comparisons to Houston and Mariah Carey, it is apparent the winner of 2006 British talent show “The X-Factor”, is a huge talent in her own right.  She’s blown away the British and US charts with her “Bleeding Love” (to the sometimes overplay status that is today’s pop radio.)

Apparently Lewis has stress-related chronic throat problems which might be compounded with the additional excitement of working with her idol, Whitney Houston.  Doctors have even suggested surgery is the only way to solve the problem.

This will either be a smash (a la Britney and Monica, Madonna and Justin Timberlake) or it will be quietly forgotten, no matter how strong it’s merit (a la the Oscar winning “When You Believe” with Whitney and Mariah, or that Shakira Beyonce song… help us.)

Let’s hope the song is worthy of the talent.

Also is you’re a Whitney fan, check out an incredible site…